EXPEL (Kidney Stones)

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EXPEL – Quick Relief from Kidney Stones

Expel is highly effective to resolve and dissolve Kidney Stones. It breaks the stones to pieces and gets them out through urine. It relieves pain and helps prevent urinary infection. It is also a system alkalizer. It cleans the kidneys and the urinary system. It prevents the formation of stones because of low intake of water. IT IS PURELY HERBAL AND HAS NO SIDE EFFECTS.

  • Renal Calculi
  • Anti Spasmodic
  • Burning Micturition
  • Alkalizer
  • Diuretic

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1 review for EXPEL (Kidney Stones)

  1. Girja

    I had two pathris of 8mm and 10mm in both kidnes.
    With expel, apne aap nikal gayi, pata nahi chala

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