Liver Healing Formula

5206 incl. GST

  • Liver Healing Formula significantly reduces the degree of inflammation and Necrosis and reverses liver damage.
  • Liver Healing Formula decreases the Hepatitis B and C virus count by upto 99%.
  • Decreases the elevated Liver Enzymes (SGOT, SGPT, GGT)
  • Prolongs and improves the quality of life of patients with Cirrhosis or those waiting for Liver Transplant.
  • Brings to normal the Bilirubin values in cases of Non Obstructive Jaundice
  • Enhances Albumin production and hence prevents Liver related Kidney failure.
  • Decreases the elevated Liver Enzymes (SGOT, SGPT, GGT)
  • Liver Healing Formula improves general Liver function and is safe as preventive medicine.
  • Reduces hangover as it increases the efficiency of liver to detoxify chemicals produced due to alcohol metabolism.
  • Accelerates metabolic activity, promotes cells’ regeneration and regulates plasma protein concentration.
  • Stimulates appetite, growth and can be used for Anorexia, Dyspepsia / Flatulence.
(11 customer reviews)

11 reviews for Liver Healing Formula

  1. Amandeep singh

    The liver healing formula is a miracle product. I have used it and got immense benefit from it. It cured my liver disease when doctors had given up.

  2. Mukesh Kumar

    It is a wonder product which actually works for liver diseases

  3. Jaskanwar Pal Singh

    Truly appreciate it as I have used it for my mother as she has recovered from liver cirrhosis

  4. Dinesh

    My mother was diagnosed with Liver cirrhosis and was advised Liver transplant. This was a very costly and almost impossible for us. We started using LHF and my mother is so much better that the doctors say that transplant is not needed now. She is feeling absolutely fine.

  5. Mohindra Singh

    Liver cirrochis

  6. Jaskamal Sandhu

    My life is saved because of LHF. Thankyou so much

  7. Satinder Singh

    I am alive only because of this. Doctors had given me only 10-15 days to live and with my Liver almost finished, I started using Liver Healing Formula.
    I am now in good health for the last three years. Wish I had started using LHF much earlier and not waited till the end.

  8. Jackson

    “Liver Healing Formula” is life for the Liver.

  9. Yati

    It has saved my life.

  10. Joseph M

    My brother saved because of this.
    Everyone with Liver problem should use this.
    Very effective.

  11. R K Rastogi

    Liver is life.
    Save it with Liver Healing Formula.

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