Liver Healing Formula

Dear sir, l am sharing a wonderful experience aboul your product, Liver Heeling Formula (LHF) which I have had after being through the worst of my life. My father was diagnosed with Iiver Cirrhosis about five years back by AlIMS, Delhi and were told thet he has only about 25-30 % of Liver left and wore advised for a liver transplant. The entire family was sent into a gloomy situation as it was a very difficult thing for us to pursue. My father was going from bad to worst with every pessing day. Even after trying the best treatment from preatigious hospitals there was no Improvement in his condition. We had almost lost hope as Iiver transplant was beyond our reech. Then one day by God’s grace, we met a person at the hospital who had come for a follaw up, who told us that he was in a similiar condition and had been using Liver Healing Formula LHF for the last 3-4 months and there was much Improvement in his condition. A ray of hope also struck us and we bought this product. We have been using this for the last 4 months and there Is a marked change in my father’s condition. The fluid which used to be accumulating in his stomach is OK now and there is no swelling. His appearance is much better and looks almost healthy. We feel that if he progresses like this, the need for transplant might not be there. Everyone in the family is very happy. All thanks to the doctors and your wonderful product who have saved my father’s life. Thankyou

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